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How soon can I earn my fee?

From your very first show!! As an agent you have the option of holding your fee the night of the show or you can receive a check twice a month from the company. The choice is yours!

How often do I have to do shows?
That is entirely up to you. You can enjoy the flexibility of scheduling shows when you want. We know that you have a busy schedule and that is why we are designed to fit into your lifestyle. No quotas, no minimums, only incentives to reward you along the way. Of course, the more shows you hold, the more money you earn.

Are UndercoverWear shows in demand?
Absolutely! Our product line is HOT! Many of our products can only be found at an UndercoverWear show. We are the only home party company offering such a complete line from comfy sleepwear, bedroom accessories and home spa products.

Do I need experience?
No. In fact, most of UndercoverWear's Top Sales Agents had no previous experience at this when they got started. You have many training vehicles available to you to assist you as you get this going. UndercoverWear and your CIA offer ongoing training. Plus, UndercoverWear offers an informative website where you'll find a variety of training pieces, chat sessions, plus more. We encourage you to take advantage of the information and meetings available to you.

Why should I choose UndercoverWear?

Over 30 Years Of Knowledge And Experience In The Industry

We understand that most women today already have busy lifestyles, however that does not mean the bills go away! So we pride ourselves in offering women a fun and easy solution to making money. The beauty of it is that you can determine how you want to run your business! Once you become an Agent, you can sell UndercoverWear's product line the following ways:
1.) Holding UndercoverWear parties
2.) Promoting through catalog sales
3.) Promoting online with website sales

You can take advantage of one of the above avenues or all of them-the choice is yours. In addition, because we have such a terrific product line, and our shows are so much fun, you will find that UndercoverWear is very easy to promote! It's something that EveryBODY enjoys. It's Fun, Easy & Flexible!

Agent Training
UndercoverWear/Bedroom Magic/UndercoverCare Educational Guide
Training DVD
Monthly Trainings and Product Updates
Training Material available on the Agent Website
Weekly Conference Call Trainings
Local/Regional Meetings and Trainings
Annual Sales Convention

Unbeatable Programs

Hostess Program completely company-paid
Most generous company paid Hostess Reward Program in the industry
Easy startup program offering choice of Kits
No deductions to pay for kit from earnings
New Agent receives 50% discount on additional sample purchases in first 30 days and then an ongoing 40% personal discount, with specials at up to 70% off
Agents earn up to 25%-50% of retail earnings on personal sales
New Agent earns commission on very first show
No quotas or minimums
Company pays overrides on sample discounts
Achiever and Believer “retirement” program that gives you a monthly “thank you check” for up to 5 years (based on your achievements, NOT your age).

Unlimited Earning Potential

Highest & best commission structure in the industry
Company pays 5 levels down
Simple Management Program where you can start earning $$$ on your first Recruit
Easiest Management Program in the industry- eligible to promote to CIA with 2 Recruits
Monthly bonuses and incentives
Earn up to a $2,000 - $40,000 Yearly Bonus
Exciting year end bonus for building a structure can achieve prizes such as incredible amounts of cash, state of the art entertainment systems, yearly car leases and trips all over the world

UndercoverWear Makes It Easy

Company processes all credit cards
Company handles all sales tax for Agents for each state
No need to open a costly merchant account
Tax advantages
Agents are not required to carry inventory. Investment in samples only
Agents have the choice of selling directly from the catalog or purchasing an inventory to sell
All agents receive a personal website to promote their business & generate online sales
Easy on line ordering for submitting orders
Easy party tracking and exchange program
Online training, ordering and support
Conference call training
Extensive product line: lingerie, sleepwear, lotions, spa products and bedroom accessories
Full color catalogs
High party sales ensuring higher earnings
Unlimited earning potential
Opportunity to earn $30,000, $48,000, $100,000+ a year
Opportunity to travel all over the world, like Paris & Hawaii for free


UndercoverWear is offering the best

business opportunity for women today.

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